Leadific: The World’s Best Review on Leadific CRM Software (TheMMSaaS.com)

Turn more leads into revenue with a high-performance CRM – built for ambitious digital marketers

Leadific: A high performance all-in-one CRM software at a Low cost.

What is Leadific?

Leadific: TheMMSaaS (TheMMSaaS.com)

Leadific allow’s you to automate everything

Most small business’ well know the importance of follow-ups and relationship’s. The problem is that they consistently lack the time and resources to contact every lead or client.

Leadific resolve’s their issue.

A powerful marketing automation workflow can be built visually through Leadific’s automation workflow builder. You can modify the conditions and workflow actions depending on your products or services. And they continue to add more automation features.

All your prospect’s, leads, and campaign’s are managed from one easy-to-navigate dashboard, where you can interact with them, follow up via email, phone, or text message’s, and manage your campaign’s.

Leadific roll’s several solution’s into one platform that allow’s you to quickly jump into the sales process and begin generating revenue for your business. If you have an existing agency, the platform is powerful enough with superior support to take you to another level

Who is Leadific For?

Leadific automate’s the entire sales process for business’.

Sales automation can be a huge time-saver for busy sales teams. By automating repetitive task’s, salespeople can focus on more important task’s, like developing client relationship’s and closing deal’s. This is why most business’ have used tool’s such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or Zapier.

The problem is that small business’ lack the resources and acumen to utilize such tool’s. There need’s to be something simpler and easier to use for them.

A simple app like Leadific is exactly what they need.

Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton, the creators of Modern Millionaires, partnered to invest in this app. They have tested the app with various business’es, including lawyer’s, plumber’s, chiropractor’s, and coffee shop’s. The app led to a 23% increase in sales for these business’es.

Is Leadific a Scam or Legit?

Abdul and Chance are the two entrepreneur’s behind this app. For year’s, both have helped small business’ generate lead’s.

They developed this app because most small business’ struggled to convert lead’s into customer’s. As previously mentioned, lead nurturing is a crucial part of the sales process. Most small business’ lack the time, know-how, or funds to set this up.

This app was developed by Chance and Abdul in collaboration. It was tested with business’ like coffee shop’s, lawyer’s, plumber’s, and chiropractor’s.

Leadific managed to increase the business’es’ sales by 23%.

The importance of lead nurturing cannot be overstated for small business’es.

The cost of generating lead’s is high. You are wasting your money if you fail to follow up and convert them into customer’s.

Lead nurturing can help convert leads into customers by following up after initial contact and helping them through decision-making. It is important to build relationships with potential customers by staying in touch and providing valuable information on a regular basis.

The Leadific app makes conversions and sales easy. Companies can automate the follow-up process using the app and turn leads into paying customers. The basic features include automated follow-ups, a landing page builder, and instant reviews.

This is not a scam at all.

There is value in the product, so if you can reach the right audience, you can make money. One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is generating leads and sales. Leadific support provides the knowledge and tools you need to solve these problems. Using this knowledge, you can easily build and grow your own business.

It is important to note that this is not some MLM or get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and dedication to build a successful business, but the Leadific app can help you streamline the process and achieve your goals faster.

Who Created this app?

Abdul and Chance are the two entrepreneur’s behind this app. For years, both have helped small business’ generate leads.

They developed this app because most small business’ struggled to convert leads into customer’s. As previously mentioned, lead nurturing is a crucial part of the sales process. Most small business’ lack the time, know-how, or funds to set this up.

This app was developed by Chance and Abdul in collaboration. It was tested with business’ like coffee shop’s, lawyer’s, plumber’s, and chiropractor’s.

Leadific managed to increase the business’es’ sales by 23%.

How can landing pages help with lead generation?

Leadific can help business’ create remarkably effective landing pages.

Landing pages can be an excellent tool for lead generation because they are designed to capture a visitor’s information and convert them into a lead. A landing page must have a form that ask’s for the visitor’s name, email address, and phone number. It may also include additional information about your product or service. Landing pages should minimize distractions and have a clear call to action.

How can automated follow-ups help with sales?

The app’s automated follow-ups are one of it’s best features.

Automated follow-ups are important for two reasons. First, they help you stay in touch with leads who may not be ready to buy immediately. Second, they can help nudge leads closer to purchase by recommending additional content or resource’s that may be of interest.

Automation is crucial because it free’s up your time so that you can focus on other task’s and ensure’s that leads get the information they need when they need it.

How to make money with Leadific?

The best part about Leadific app is that you can make money by selling this to other business’es.

If you’re considering starting a software as a service (SaaS) business, there are many reason’s why Leadific can be a great option. SaaS business’ have numerou’s advantage’s over traditional business’es, including a lower barrier to entry, the ability to scale quickly, and recurring revenue.

Leadific can be sold on a monthly subscription basis to unlimited business’es without requiring any infrastructure or sales teams. This make’s it easy and affordable to get your business up and running.

Another big advantage of using Leadific to launch your own business is the ability to scale quickly. With a traditional business, you might need to invest in office space or hire additional staff as you grow. With Leadific, you can add new customer’s at practically no additional cost. This make’s it easier to grow your business rapidly without making a major investment upfront.

It is extremely easy to set up as well. You do not need to learn software development or troubleshooting of any kind. Even if you encounter a problem, you will have support from the community who can help with all sort’s of challenge’s.

How Does Leadific Work?

You will need to follow up a lot to convert your lead’s into client’s. Small enterprises with limited sales resource’s may have difficulty achieving this goal. It is ideal for responding to lead’s within a few minutes at the latest. Waiting too long reduce’s your chances of converting them. The chances of a fresh lead converting drop by 10x after only five minutes.

Leadific automate’s follow-up. It’s easy to nurture lead’s and convert them into customer’s.

Small business’ biggest mistake is thinking that the deal is complete once they have a client. It’s just the beginning. Just because someone buy’s something from you doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you again. Customer’s are likely to return if you provide high-quality goods or service’s. Whenever possible, upselling should be relevant to the consumer’s need’s and help them achieve their goal’s.

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Leadific Features

The app solves a huge problem that affects all small businesses.

Here’s how this app came to be:

Abdul and Chance, the founders, have long worked with small businesses to generate leads. 

However, most small businesses could not convert these leads into paying customers. A multi-step follow-up process is required for sales. And the majority of small businesses lack the knowledge, time, or resources to set this up.

The idea occurred to Chance that the sales process needs to be automated. And this is where an app like Leadific comes into play.

Multi Channel Communications

Leadific stacks your email, SMS and phone communications with your prospects and customers in one convenient place. Notifications of responses from your messages are available through our mobile app.


System Ready to Support Clients

Running Leadific for your agency is just the start. The system has the power to support the lead nurturing and CRM needs for all of your clients.

eadific is a cheaper alternative to HubSpot or Salesforce that can accomplish the same tasks.

Customer relationship management aims to establish enduring relationships with your customers and clients.

Following up is crucial to retaining existing clients and gaining new ones. Leadific’s sales pipeline shows you where your leads are in the buying process.

This knowledge will help create customized messages persuading your leads to buy your products. CRM and pipeline management let you communicate, build connections, engage leads, and persuade them to make a purchase.

Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Getting your technology stack in order right out of the gate helps you focus on client acquisition and getting the rest of your business in order. Leadific brings together essential systems to make it as easy as possible for you to focus on generating revenue through client acquisition.


A fully integrated Voice/SMS/MMS solution that contains all conversations at the contact level. Add these communications to marketing campaigns or communicate directly with your clients. (Usage charges may apply)


A leading SMTP provider, fully integrated into Leadific. It generates emails and provides tracking functions so you have awareness on who received, opened and clicked on links within your emails.

Pre-built Campaigns

Create simple or robust marketing campaigns as a key prospecting method. As you begin to onboard clients, different campaigns can be used to nurture leads and interact with your client’s existing customers.

Leadific lets you create unlimited sales funnels that can be customized and used however you see fit. You won’t have to worry about learning how sales funnels work since it provides comprehensive instructions on how to set up and use a funnel.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, it is incredibly easy to use the Leadific sales funnel builder. This sales funnel builder can replace ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels.

A sales funnel can include landing pages, subdomain websites, social media content, and blog posts. Any or all of these tactics may be used depending on your digital marketing goals.

Web Templates

Clean, simple to use templates that creates an immediate web presence for your agency. Use these templates to leap your agency into action with fully customizable elements.

Mail Warm Service

Email warming is the practice of introducing a new email address to an email service provider (ESP) or a recipient’s inbox gradually in order to establish a good reputation and increase deliverability. This is accomplished by sending a small number of emails at first, then gradually increasing the volume over time.

This allows ESPs and recipients to adjust to the new email address and helps to prevent spam flagging. Furthermore, it aids in the development of a positive sending reputation with the ESPs, which will be beneficial in future email campaigns.

New domains require some ‘warming up’ time before sending consistent emails to let the world know you’re ready to share the value your agency will bring to the marketplace.

Small Business Lead Generation Tools

Small businesses must have a lead generation and lead nurturing tool. Leadific will benefit businesses by allowing them to:

Find new customers: Leadific will assist you in finding new customers for your company. This will assist you in attracting prospective customers and converting them into leads.

Increase revenue:By providing you with a steady stream of new leads to convert into customers, lead generation can help you increase your revenue.

Scale: Lead generation can assist you in scaling your business by allowing you to reach more people and convert more leads into customers.

Leadific enables businesses to streamline and automate certain aspects of their lead generation process. Leadific’s insights into customer purchasing trends can help businesses learn more about their customers.

Onboarding Support

The sign up process automates much of the start up, however, we also offer the opportunity for an initial 1-1 setup for a complete Done-For-You experience.

Leadific Pricing

Leadific has an unlimited number of features, as opposed to other tools that limit you to a certain number of users, funnels, or leads.

You can create an unlimited number of funnels, pages, contacts, and visitors. As a result, Leadific is ideal for marketing agencies working on client projects or building funnels for a large number of users at the same time.

Similarly, the Leadific enables you to sell to an unlimited number of businesses.


Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects

$399/mo // $3,990/yr

  • Agency Account
  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Leads & contact storage
  • 3 Domain Warming Account
  • Phone Validator
  • Premium Support
  • White Label


  1. You won’t have to wait months to get started. It takes a few weeks to get started and profitable with this program.
  2. It is extremely simple to install. You do not need any technical knowledge. All you have to do is enter some information and click a few buttons to finish.
  3. Businesses do not need much convincing to buy it. Even if you lack confidence or experience selling, it is simple to sell.
  4. There are no hidden costs. You can work from home without having to pay for office space or employees.
  5. Because it is only a small monthly fee that local businesses will gladly pay, the tumbling economy would have no effect on your income (because they need sales more than ever before).
  6. You will have access to a community of developers and coaches who will walk you through lead generation and sales automation as a member.
  7. The exclusive license allows you to install leadific for as many businesses as you want, resulting in an endless stream of income.


  1. The app or partner program is not free. While the investment and time commitment are small compared to other businesses, you still need to invest time and money.
  2. For people who are new to lead generation, it might take a few weeks to get used to it.

How to get started with Leadific

The partnership program is not open to the general public. Watching an introductory video, filling out a form, and applying are all part of the application process.

Those who apply will receive a 30-minute one-on-one call with one of the coaches to determine if they are a good fit. They apparently only need to fill 300 positions.