Chance Welton

Chance Welton

Who is Chance Welton?

Chance Welton (born December 16, 1988 in Marshing, Idaho) is the founder and CEO of (“”MM”), a a digital business program that has taught thousands of students how to create a digital business from scratch.

Chance is also the owner and CEO of Beachwood Marketing, a lucrative online marketing company, and his newest venture Abundance, which promises to take all his knowledge & lessons learned so far and supercharge them into the perfect business growth system.

Before this, Chance had other entrepreneurial ventures including the Officeless Agency, and the Death of Retail. Welton has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur for his determination, innovative mindset, and ability to build success from scratch.

Chance has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur for his unique mentality, determination, and ability to create everything from nothing.

Chance Welton: Childhood

Raised on a potato farm in Idaho, Chance learned from a young age that anything he wanted in life would need a lot of hard work.

He faced early challenges in life that taught him the importance of resilience and innovation in business. Despite being a newcomer in the online marketing industry and facing difficulties in acquiring clients, Welton persevered with passion and creativity. By learning from some of the best in the field and offering discounted rates or free services to build his portfolio and reviews, he was able to grow his business to a monthly revenue of $10,000. ‘=

Welton attributes his success to a centered approach to life and business, prioritizing the important things and waking up before dawn.

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YouTube video

Chance Welton: Career & Professional Life

When Chance and his business partner Abdul decided to start MM, it was because they felt a strong desire to help others change their lives in the same way that they had. Chance and Abdul knew it was doable, and they knew they could do it better than anyone else because they cared.

Over 20,000 students from around the world have been coached by Modern Millionaires since the company’s 2015 inception, and the company has since become a trusted resource for budding business owners seeking a tried-and-true method to success. MM includes interviews, advice, and resources to help their students succeed.

Chance and Modern Millionaires have made more than $50,000,000 in high-ticket sales from cold traffic alone in 2.5 years. Chance wants to help people achieve their financial independence dreams, and he is dedicated to providing the best resources and advice possible on his website.

YouTube video
YouTube video

But it wasn’t always easy – as it never is for entrepreneurs. About his early ventures, this is what Chance has to say:

I just had one product that performed well and added value to my clients’ lives. Rather than innovating, I wager that this will never change. I lost half of my clients overnight due to a Google algorithm change. I didn’t have any other options for generating leads for them. In my personal life, I was also not pushing myself to be better. I wasn’t working out or training as hard as I should have been. As a result, I wasn’t working or training as hard in my business.

My lesson was learned. Always try new things and strive harder in your personal life. Now I have an entire team committed to experimenting with new tools and developing new techniques, so I’ll never be in that situation again.

I learned my lesson. Try new things and work harder in your personal life — always. Now I have an entire team dedicated to trying new software and innovating new strategies, so I’m never in that position again. —Chance

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Chance Welton: Net Worth

Chance Welton’s net worth is $10,000,000.

Chance Welton: Private Life

When he isn’t changing the entrepreneurial world, Chance is a husband and a father, knowing that if he can achieve even a fraction of MM’s success in those two roles, he will die a fulfilled and grateful man.

Chance Welton: What’s To Come


Abundance is something we all have the potential to have in abundance. However, we face a lot of resistance when we try to shift our habits to think more abundance-minded. Most of us grew up being told that we need to work really hard to be successful and that most of us won’t be very successful; in our minds, we accept this and know that we shouldn’t expect much from this world.

This creates a form of self-fulfilling prophecy where we expect to be let down.

Abundance is a state of being where we see abundance everywhere. We accept what’s been given to us and use the resources that have been given to us (i.e. money, time, friends, and family). In order to live a more abundant life, we need to shift our mindset and think in terms of abundance.

Abundance is a new program being launched by Chance Welton that is looking like it could make a 100x larger impact than he already has – and that’s something im excited to see.

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