Seville Classics WEB162 Mobile Laptop Computer Desk Cart Height-Adjustable from 20.5" to 33", Slim, Walnut

  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TABLETOP - Adjust from 20. 5" to 32" high and any height between with a manually and secure with the twist-lock knob for an ergonomic and personalized workspace.
  • SMALL COMPUTER WORKSTATION - Single-piece wood desktop (23.75" x 15.75") is designed to fit almost any size laptop or tablet with keyboard. Finished in walnut with rounded edges.
  • MOBILE ROLLING DESK - Enjoy smooth-gliding mobility with four 1. 5-inch caster swivel wheels (2 locking). Simply screw wheels in for a portable workspace that stays put when you need it.
  • SOLID & STABLE DESIGN - Desk features tough steel frame finished in satin bronze for long-term durability and easy-care. It's perfect for professional environments like offices, art and music studios, libraries, and in dentist's, optometrist's and doctor's offices.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - All tools required for assembly are included. It's a great desk-style cart for classrooms, homes, offices and more

How To Choose The Best Portable Desks

A good workstation is essential for productivity. If you have a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device, you may not always have access to a proper desk. That's why having a portable desk is such a great idea - it allows you to take your workspace wherever you go. We've rounded up our favorite options here, so you can make sure you get the best portable desk for your needs.

What Are Portable Desks?

Portable desks are small tables that fold up into a compact size for easy transport. They are perfect for traveling because they take up less space than traditional desks and can fit in most any type of vehicle. Most portable desks come with wheels so they can roll around if needed. If you need extra stability while using your portable desk, you can add an optional caster wheel to make moving easier.

Where Should I Buy My Portable Desk?

You can find many different types of portable desks at various price points. You will want to look for a portable desk that has all of the features you would expect from a regular desktop. For example, some models include a keyboard tray, mouse pad, monitor stand, and more. The best part about buying a portable desk online is that there are no sales tax!

Who Needs Portable Desks?

Portable desks are perfect for students, travelers, and anyone else who wants to take their workspace anywhere. Whether you're studying at home or working away from campus, a portable desk makes it possible to bring your laptop wherever you go.

There are several reasons why portable desks are such a smart idea. First, they allow you to save space. When you use a traditional desktop, you usually end up with piles of papers and books scattered around your house. With a portable desk, you can store everything neatly inside one place.

Second, a portable desk allows you to move easily from task to task. Instead of spending hours moving files back and forth from your office to your bedroom, you can simply carry your laptop to where you need it most.

Third, a portable desk lets you travel light. Since you only need a laptop and a power supply, you can pack these items in a backpack and head off to class or work. No bulky furniture required!

Finally, a portable desk can help you save money. Traditional desks require expensive floor space. But a portable desk doesn't cost anything extra. All you need is a sturdy bag and a laptop.

In short, a portable desk is a smart investment. Not only does it let you save time and money, but it also gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you please.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Portable Desks

If you work from home, then you probably have a laptop sitting somewhere near your bed. This means that if you want to take your laptop anywhere, you'll need a portable desk. A portable desk allows you to bring your laptop wherever you go. You can use a portable desk just about anywhere - even outdoors!

A portable desk is perfect for people who travel frequently. Whether you're going camping, hiking, or traveling overseas, you can easily pack up your laptop and carry it along with you. When you're ready to return home, simply unpack your portable desk and set it up where you left off. No matter how far away you may be from your office, you can continue working like nothing ever happened.

Portable desks come in many different styles. They range from simple wooden boxes to elaborate designs. There are even models designed specifically for laptops. Regardless of style, they all serve one purpose - allowing you to work from any location.

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a portable desk. First, make sure that the model you purchase is sturdy. Second, make sure that it's easy to assemble. Third, make sure that it's lightweight so that you won't have trouble carrying it around. Finally, make sure that it meets your needs. For example, do you plan on taking your laptop everywhere? Do you need a place to rest your feet? How large is your workspace? These questions should guide you towards finding the best portable desk for your needs.

Once you've found the perfect portable desk, you'll need to decide whether you'd prefer a desktop or laptop version. Desktop versions usually offer better stability, but they tend to be heavier. Laptop versions are lighter, but they aren't nearly as stable. Ultimately, it depends on your preference. Either way, you'll find great deals online. Just search "portable desk" and you'll see what I mean.

Features To Consider When Buying Portable Desks

Portable. When you're working from home, you may need to work from anywhere. That means you need a desk that's mobile. Look for a desk that folds into a compact package so you can take it along with you wherever you go.

Flexible. Whether you're using your desk at home or traveling, you'll want a desk that's flexible enough to adapt to whatever situation you're in. Look for a desk that has wheels so you can roll it around if necessary.

Lightweight. When you're working from home, you probably spend most of your time sitting down. Make sure your desk doesn't weigh more than 10 pounds so you can easily move it around.

Easy assembly. When you're buying a portable desk, you'll want to make sure it's easy to assemble. Look for a desk that requires no tools to put together.

Sturdy construction. When you're buying a portable desk, you'll want to make sure it's sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Look for a desk made from heavy-duty materials such as metal or plastic.

Quality. When you're buying a portable desk, you'll want to make sure it's built well. Look for a desk that feels solid and durable.

Size. When you're buying a portable desk, you'll want to make sure it fits where you plan to store it. Look for a desk that's big enough to hold everything you need while still being able to fit in tight spaces.

Storage space. When you're buying a portable desk, you'll want to make sure there's plenty of storage space inside. Look for a desk that has room for storing files, pens, pencils, markers, and other office supplies.

Different Types Of Portable Desks

Portable Desks are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are small enough to fit in almost any space. They are also light weight making them perfect for traveling. Here we will look at three of the most popular models currently on the market.

Laptop Desk. Laptops are incredibly useful tools. They are lightweight, compact, and versatile. Unfortunately, laptops don't always stay put. When they move, they can easily fall off tables or chairs. A laptop desk allows you to keep your laptop safe and secure.

Desk. A traditional desktop is large and bulky. It takes up a lot of room and is heavy. A desk is perfect for those who need a larger workspace. It's also great for students who need extra storage space.

Tablet Desk. Tablet computers are getting smaller every year. They are now small enough to sit on top of a table. They are also thin and light. Tablets are perfect for travelers since they can go anywhere without taking up a ton of space.


Ergotron LearnFit Mobile Standing Desk, Rolling Laptop Sit Stand Desk Short, Grey

  • Add movement to the school day or workday with this flexible mobile desk; transforms classrooms, conference rooms or common areas into active spaces that help boost health, focus and academic success
  • Easily adjusts 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) from 29 inches (74 centimeters) to 45 inches (114 centimeters) to learn or work sitting or standing; rolls to create flexible classroom and office configurations for individual work or collaboration
  • Features a large worksurface with cup holder and slots for tablet and pencils; hang a bag or backpack out of the way on the convenient storage hook
  • Includes aluminum adjustable-height column and base, solid MDF-core worksurface with high-pressure laminate top surface and extra-durable molded polyurea band on edge, 4 dual-wheel casters (2 locking), hand-brake system
  • Assembles in less than a minute without tools; sturdy, professional-grade design includes a 10-year warranty

Seville Classics AIRLIFT XL 28" Pneumatic Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Desk Cart (27.1" to 41.9" H), White

  • GAS-SPRING PNEUMATIC TABLETOP - Adjust from 27.1" to 41.9" high and any height between with a squeeze of the AIRLIFT lever for an ergonomic and personalized workspace.
  • LARGE COMPUTER WORKSTATION - Ergonomic wood top (28.1" x 19.6") fits almost any size monitor, laptop, or tablet with keyboard. Desktop is 1" thick and compatible with most clamp monitor mounts. Top finished in white with inwardly-beveled edges.Do not tip the desk over or place upside down
  • MOBILE ROLLING DESK - Enjoy smooth-gliding mobility with four 2.4-inch caster swivel wheels (2 locking). Simply screw wheels in for a portable workspace that stays put when you need it.
  • STURDY & STABLE DESIGN - Desk features lightweight aluminum frame finished in satin pewter for long-term durability and easy-care. It's perfect for professional environments like offices, art and music studios, libraries, and in dentist's, optometrist's and doctor's offices.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - All tools required for assembly are included. Perfect for classrooms and teachers as a full-size, height-adjustable podium; or as an alternative to standard office and computer desks.
  • LIVE WELL WITH AIRLIFT - Break the cycle of sedentary behavior and enjoy the health benefits of a sit-stand desk. Burn calories and stretch your legs and feet by standing and getting active while you work, study, and game. AIRLIFT can keep you moving wherever you choose to be.
  • Maximum Load Capacity 35 lb

Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required, 39.4 inch Writing Computer Desk Space Saving Foldable Table Simple Home Office Desk,Brown

  • Coavas Folding Desk - SIMPLEST INSTALLATION - 8 seconds to complete !
  • Coavas Folding Desk-- FOLDING AND PORTABLE :When not in use can be folded in the corner, save space; Also convenient to carry when going out for a picnic.
  • Coavas Folding Desk-- APPLICABLE ROOM AND FUNCTION :Suitable for study, bedroom, living room, kitchen, children's room, office.Can be a computer desk, learning tables, game tables, picnic tables,secretarial desk.
  • Coavas Folding Desk-- MATERIAL:MDF -Waterproof and No deformation, durable and solid, brown texture Desktop design is simple yet stylish.
  • Coavas Folding Desk-- SIZE:100*50*72CM (L*W*H : 40 * 19.7 * 28.3 Inches)

DlandHome Side Table 31.4 Inches w/Tablet Slot & Wheels Adjustable C Table Movable Portable Computer Stand for Bed Sofa, Black 05#3-80B

  • 【Dimensions】: 31.5L * 15.7W * 28-35.4H inch (80L * 40W * 71-90H cm); Table weights about 15.4 lbs (7kg); Maximum load capacity 30 lbs (13kg).
  • 【Health & High Quality】: The Plate: Solid wood particle pressing, E1 grade environmental wood without any industrial glue, and 0 formaldehyde release. Metal Frame: Utilizes heavy-duty and powder-coated metal materials, which ensures stability and durability.
  • 【Adjustable & Movable & Lockable】: The height is adjustable, from 28-35.4 inch (71-90cm), to meet the different heights needs. Wheel design, moving anywhere as you wish. Lockable wheels, easy to keep it steady.
  • 【Humanized Details Design】: Built-in slot, you use the slot to hold your Cellphone Tablet; Fillet design is safer; Round steel tube design conform to aesthetics; Plum handle easy to adjust.
  • 【★★★★★Customer Service】:We are eliminating all the risk of buying furniture online and making sure every customer is satisfied. In the past you might have been stressed about your home office furniture arriving damaged, broken, scratched, or dented. But this will no longer even cross your mind. If your item arrives damaged in any way, we will send you a replacement.

Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart, Height Adjustable from 28'' to 33''

  • Mobility: rolling cart with four wheels, includes two locking wheels
  • Adjustable Height: from 28'' to 33'' with locking knob
  • Wider Desktop: 26'' wider desktop than other in the market
  • Easy Assembly: quick and easy, all hardwares/tools are included; Dimension: 25.9'' W x 15.75''L x 33''H(highest configuration)

Mind Reader SDROLL-WHT Mobile Sitting, Standing Desk Rolling Reversible Home Office Laptop Workstation with Side Storage, Locking Wheels, Large, White

  • MOBILE DESK - A portable desk with 4 locking wheels that can be rolled around your home of office with ease
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Adjust the height for your desk according to how you feel. Whether you like to stand at your desk or sit at your desk, the adjustable workstation is perfect for you
  • 2 TIERS - Use the tiers for more than 1 screen or use it for your keyboard storage. Plenty of space for storing dual monitors or using one of the tiers for books and other desk accessories
  • SPACE SAVER - Fits perfectly in any workspace and allows you to store Monitors, computers, Office Supplies, and more.
  • DIMENSIONS: 28 (L) x 27 (W) x 30-51 (H)
  • VERSATILE: Its two tiers and mobility allow the desk to conform to any changes to your work routine with ease.
  • FOR THE OFFICE: You can use this item as a option for a sitting desk or even as a mobile cart for presentations, a Standing Desk, or more!
  • FOR THE HOME: You can use this item as a mobile desk for any area within your house. You can also use the top tier as a landing area for small items and additional storage space.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: It only takes a couple of minutes to have this desk assembled and ready to use!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Metal frame and Wood top of this desk makes it easy to clean. Use a damp or dry cloth to wipe any stains in less than 5 minutes!

GreenForest Folding Desk No Assembly Required, Computer Desk with 2-Tier Shelf Foldable Table for Small Spaces 29.5 x 20.47 inch, Espresso

  • Folding Computer Desk: The foldable computer desk features a simple and generous design, it's very practical and perfect furniture for decorating your family study or workplace.
  • Space Saving Folding Desk: The small desk can be folded in the corner when not use, easy for you to store and transport. The X-shaped metal legs enhance the stability of the desk.
  • Computer Desk with Shelf: This desk designed with a shelf on the desktop offering great storage space for your books, plants, small things, etc, maximize your space.
  • No Assembly Required: Pre-assembly, no assembly needed, just take it out and open it to work immediately.
  • Foldable Desk for Home Office: 32 * 32* 32.7 inch small desk, perfect size for home office and other small spaces to use.

JIWU 2-Style Folding Desk for Small Space, No Assembly Required, Home Corner Desks Simple Computer Desk with Shelf, Foldable Laptop Table

  • MODERN & SIMPLE: This home office desk is very practical and is the perfect furniture for decorating a family study or workplace. Two-Style meet different office needs
  • STURDY & DURABLE: The desk with shelf is made of E1 Level particleboard and high quality steel frame (Better than similar products) which is very stable and could offer years of use
  • INSTALLATION: No need to install, open to use directly. The small desk can be folded in the corner when not in use which can be more easy for you to store and transport. Any problems please feel free to contact us
  • SHIPPING: Every product is strictly packed. Amazon will take the package to your home door in 3 Business days. To reassure customers, we provide free return and replacement for any wear and tear received
  • STORY OF THIS PRODUCT: In the process of using this folding table, we feel very convenient. It doesn't take up a lot of space and the 2-style design are suitable for writing and using computers. Turnable shelf can hold files, as well as small items like Bluetooth speakers. Solidity issue has always been a concern for us, but it has been performing well

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk, Adjustable Laptop Desk with Wheels Home Office Workstation, Rolling Table Laptop Cart for Standing or Sitting, Vintage Oak

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & EASY MOVE - Adjustable height 27.5"-45.3" for you to sit or stand, 4 smooth wheels make desk move wherever you want
  • ERGONOMICS COMPUTER OFFICE DESK - Standing up computer desk promotes better posture, reduces back and neck pain, a more healthy working position for you
  • HEAVY DUTY & STABLE with LARGE DESKTOP SPACE - Thicken metal and environmental MDF board have a high weight capacity and keep stabilization. 23.62" x 23.62" desktop for more storage space
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL STANDING COMPUTER CART - Portable design help you move it around rooms as offcie workstation in the study or over the bed table in bedroom and end table beside the sofa
  • Easy assembly & 24H Customer Service - The product contains the detailed instruction and all the needed accessories. If you have any question about the desk, please do not hesitate to contact us

Pneumatic Adjustable Height Laptop Desk, Sit and Stand Mobile, Ergonomic Design, Excellent Computer Workstation for Classrooms, Offices, and Home! 25.5''x18'' CARTMAY(White)

  • Adjustable Desk: Raise and lower the desk from 27.9" to 45.3" inches with the lever-operated air-powered cylinder. Easy and fast adjustable height desk.
  • Strudy & Professional Design: Made of Phenolic Compact Laminate (HPL). High quality materials ensure that this mobile laptop desk can back up your arms strongly.
  • Ergonomic Design: This adjustable standing desk provides ergonomic work space for you. Choose comfortable height, no pain.
  • Multifunctional Podium: Stand up or sit down, different heights for different needs. This mobile desk is ideal for the office, school, classroom, conference room, training, tradeshow, or home.
  • Ultra-stable and portable: The four-legged design gives the table sufficient stability. You don't have to worry about slipping or unevenness at all. This mobile computer desk has 4 wheels so it's portable mobile ability allows you to use it in many different places.

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk, Adjustable Laptop Desk with Wheels Storage Desk Home Office Workstation, Rolling Table Laptop Cart for Standing or Sitting, Black

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & EASY MOVE - Adjustable height 26.3"-45.3" for you to sit or stand, 4 high-quality rubber wheels make desk move smoothly wherever you want
  • ERGONOMICS COMPUTER OFFICE DESK - Standing up computer desk promotes better posture, reduces back and neck pain, a more haelthy working position for you
  • HEAVY DUTY & STABLE with LARGE DESKTOP SPACE - Thicken metal and environmental MDF board have a high weight capacity and keep stabilization, large enough for any size of computer
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL STANDING COMPUTER CART - Portable design help you move it around rooms as offcie workstation in the study or over the bed table in bedroom and end table beside the sofa
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & 24H Customer Service - Quickly set with included tools in minutes. If you have any question about the desk, please do not hesitate to contact us

Folding Computer Desk for Small Spaces, No-Assembly Space-Saving Home Office Desk, Foldable Computer Table, Laptop Table, Writing Desk, Compact Study Reading Table (White)

  • [ Folding Design - Save Space ] The computer table can be folded, you can fold it and put it away, which can save your space;
  • [ Dimension ] The size of the folding table is 31.5”L x 17.83”W x 28.4”H, and after folding, the width is less than 3.6 inch, it’s so easy to put it away
  • [ No Assembly Required ] The simple folding computer desk is not assembly required, you can fold or unfold it in just few seconds;
  • [ Multifunction - Different Purposes ] You can use the table as computer table, study table, dressing tables, it’s stable and will fit your room
  • [ Stable - With Foot Pad ] If the table is not stable, adjust the foot pad, then it will be stable

SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk for Small Space, Computer Gaming, Writing, Student and Home Office Organization, Industrial Metal Frame with Premium Desktop Surfaces, Oak/Black

  • Multipurpose Tiered Desk – A versatile, space-saving design that offers style and functionality this writing desk provides plenty of space for using a laptop, supporting a computer monitor and peripherals, writing, drawing and more.
  • Strong, Foldable Metal Frame – The smart pop-up style of our modern desk makes it ideal for saving space in an office, bedroom or personal area while still providing a stable, well-balanced frame that better supports your tech and accessories.
  • Sturdy, Minimalistic Style – Able to support up to 120 lbs. on heavy-duty, powder-coated metal tube legs this computer writing desk is great for students, small business owners, or professionals but also lets you add a touch of personal décor. Key Product Features
  • Premium Writing Surfaces – We use the highest-quality E0-grade particle board on the bottom and top desk spaces to ensure they’re safer for daily use, scratch resistant, and waterproof; all to expand your personality creativity and innovation. Key Product Features
  • Trusted Quality Assurance – Like our other gaming desks and writing desks this two-tiered home office desk comes backed by our reliable customer service and responsive support. Contact us with any questions today. Key Product Features

Laptop Bed Tray Desk, SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed, Foldable Laptop Table with Storage Drawer for Eating, Working, Writing, Gaming, Drawing (Gray, X-Large)

  • [ADJUSTABLE LAPTOP TABLE]: Two auto-lock buttons on each side can make the quick change in height easily, Table legs can be set to 5 different heights (adjustable from 10.6" - 15.4"). In addition, two clamps can be used to adjust the surface angle, surface can be set to 4 different angles (from 0°-36°).
  • [FASHION BED DESK]: Note: the laptop stopper and user manual be putted into the storage drawer. A detachable mouse and notebook slip can keep your device on the lap desk, preventing the tablet and mouse slide off from the saiji laptop bed tray desk. Ideal business, school, hospital gifts choice.
  • [MULTIFUNCTION PORTABLE LAPTOP TABLE]: This multifunctional table will be a perfect addition to your office, home or home office.Use it as a laptop workstation, laptop stand for bed, a children's bed table, a mini writing table, laptop couch table,a standing table for office work,it becomes the great balance for relaxing and productivity.
  • [FOLDABLE BED DESK]: Light but sturdy, saiji laptop bed tray desk can be fold flat for space-saving storage. This lap desk allows you to work on the spot, in which you can set your laptop writing workstaiton anywhere. It can make your work environment become more healthier and more convenient.
  • [24 HOURS CUSTOMER SERVICE] - Any question about SAIJI laptop bed tray, please contact us via E-mail first time. We have a replacement within 12 months and professional customer service support.

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Rolling Standing Desk Workstation, 40 x 24 Inches, Black

  • Included Accessories: 2 hanging hooks, cable management organizer and a multi-purposed center drawer. Mobility - ease to move between working space with 4 lockable wheels.
  • Digital Display Handset - 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System - Fully motorized lift from 28 to 46 Inches height
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment - Strong and Sturdy high-grade industrial steel legs enable a smooth transition from sitting to standing from 28" to 46"
  • Measures - 40" W x 24" D x 28-46 " H

Fancasa Laptop Cart 31.5" Mobile Table Movable Portable Adjustable Notebook Computer Stand with Wheels (Black)

  • 『EXQUISITE MINIMALIST DESIGN』Customized for the small space, simple design with a variety of user-friendly details and features. All the pictures and details are taken in kind, we promise what you see is what you get (ONLY LAPTOP STAND).
  • 『ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFETY MATERIAL』The board made of E1 grade MDF (medium density fiberboard), Eco-friendly and healthy. The pipe is made of 1.0(mm) thick carbon steel, stable and durable. Also, we are using epoxy coating process, the paint surface is more wear resistant.
  • 『PRACTICAL DETAILS & FEATURES』Table leg pull plate with the same color veneer, which is more beautiful. Can be placed close to the wall to save space. Can be adjusted to the required height by the adjusters on both sides (27.95"~35.43"). The nylon wheel moves freely and the pressure lock remains stable.
  • 『COMPACT SIZE』31.50"L * 15.75"W * 27.95~35.43"H, applies to small space. Small but more convenient to use, great use for the side of couch, bed, home office desk, etc.
  • 『WHY CHOOSE US ? ? ?』We provide professional customer service before and after your purchase. Any questions or questions will be answered and processed within 24 hours ✉. Easy and fast replacement is guaranteed, if your item arrives damaged.

JACENTHOME Home Office Desk 31x16'' Moveable Height Adjustable Creative PC Notebook Workstation Laptop End Side Table with Wheels for Study Room Bedroom Living Room

  • JACENTHOME Home Office Desk is made out of Eco-friendly high density fiberboard with unifies rigid metal, resulting in a unique display of delicate charm, additional storage shelves will help organize your working space at home or office
  • 2 storage shelves under the desktop, you can place your favorite books, plants, decorations on it for easy reach, the wheels let you easily move to where you want to place the home office table, you also can fix the wheels to prevent moving
  • You can put the desk in your bedroom, living room, office, etc. It can be used as a computer desk, gaming desk, office desk, writing desk and study desk. It will be the ideal furniture for your home or workplace
  • JACENTHOME Home Office Desk length 31.5 inches, width 15.75 inches, height ajustable between 26 - 33 inches, You can adjust the height of desk that suit for you to feel more comfortable when working, studying or playing games
  • If you had received any damage or missing the parts, defective item, please contact us immediately, We will provide you with 100% refund or re-send quality products

WOHOMO Folding Desk, Small Foldable Desk 31.5" for Small Spaces, Space Saving Computer Table Writing Workstation for Home Office, Easy Assembly, Oak

  • 【Portable Folding Desk】Collapsible desk is light and sturdy,even your 12-Y kid could easily take it from bedroom to any other room,you could use it beside bed,sofa,living room etc,give you flexibility.
  • 【Easy Store Foldable Desk】WOHOMO desk with 2.76inch folded width,can be easily store behind couch,under the bed,coner space,RV etc,fold up at anywhere at any time you want.
  • 【Space Saving Small Desk】Spaciou desk top,keep everything you need at work within arm’s reach,with a space saving foldable function,you could fold it when you don't need it.
  • 【Easy Assembly Simple Desk】Hassle free & Time Saving Installation for folding desk.A detailed instruction manual and all tools required for assembling are included.
  • 【Functional Modern Workstation】It's perfect for writing, studying, gaming, and even dining. Suitable for study, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and office.

SHW Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart, Height Adjustable from 28'' to 33'', Gray

  • Mobility: rolling cart with four wheels, includes two locking wheels
  • Adjustable Height: from 28'' to 33'' with locking knob
  • Wider Desktop: 26'' wider desktop than other in the market
  • 25.9'' W x 15.75''L x 33''H (highest configuration)

L-Shaped Desk Folding L Computer Desk, K Konwbody 48 x 47 Inches Home Office Desk Writing Gaming L Desk, Small Corner Desk, Walnut Brown

  • 【Folding Portable Desk】: This L-Shaped computer desk can be folded into one piece in a few seconds. With its folding design, you can take it outdoors for a party or bazaar. And this L desk also can be placed under a bed or against a wall.
  • 【L-Shaped Corner Desk】: With the L shaped design, your workspace will be spacious to place plenty of stuff, like computers, notebooks, working files, printers and other office supplies. And it is a corner desk for small spaces to maximize your limited space.
  • 【Sturdy and Durable】: The writing and gaming desk is constructed by high-quality P2 Mdf Board & Metal Frame. The desk frame is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel which ensures stability and durability,strong enough to support heavy duty parcels.
  • 【Simple Assembly】: To make the home office desk assemble as effortless as possible, the package will include detailed instructions and all necessary tools. Then you can get a complete computer desk in few minutes.
  • 【WARRANTY】: We offer you a 24-month warranty in case you’re having issues with the home office standing desk or not satisfied. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

KOZYSPHERE Computer Desk 40" Home Office Study Writing Desk Modern PC Laptop Notebook Writing Table with Storage Bag, Metal Frame,Rustic Brown

  • ✔ QUALITY MATERIAL & CAPACITY: Quality metal and MDF with classic textured melamine veneer.Extra fixed metal brackets and Triangular junction design ensure greater stability, can hold up to 200lbs. It is ANTI-SKIDDING, ANTI-SCRATCH, EASY MOVING and CLEANING.
  • ✔ MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Suitable for home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, children's room,office,dorm,school and workspace.Can be a study desk, computer desk, learning tables, game tables,office desks, picnic tables,secretarial desks.
  • ✔ SAFE SPACE: Wide Desktop provides ample space,storage bag and hook will help organize the working space.Table can be placed arbitrarily or against 2 sides wall without affecting using of storage bag and hook, as the assembly holes are universal, they can be assembled at will or interchanged.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE FEET: A great combination of adjustable protective footpads.The desk can stays stable on uneven floor or carpet while protecting your floor from scratches. Don't worry alcohol or beer tips over.
  • ✔ SIZE&EASY TO ASSEMBLE:Overall Size 40"L x 19.75"W x 28"H.Just need to attach 2 Legs,storage bag and hook to the table top. Accessories and tools are well organized and packed for quickly choosing.Effortlessly assembles in under 10 minutes.

FEZIBO Standing Desk with Double Drawer, 55x 24 Inches Adjustable Height Electric Stand up Desk, Ergonomic Workstation Black Frame/Rubberwood Top

  • Two Wooden Drawers: Two convenient pull-out drawers frees up desk space and provides a comfortable work environment
  • Spacious Workspace: Alternative surface measuring 55 inch x 24 inch, the tabletop comes packaged in two pieces for easy assembly
  • Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28 inch to 45.5 inch
  • Solid Construction: FEZIBO sturdy iron frame allows for a 155 lbs weight capacity
  • Lockable Casters: Swivel casters rotate 360 degrees which makes turning your desk mobile and your floor protected from scratches

KOUPA Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk 1624 in,360 Flip Desk Stand Desk Home Office Table Standing Desk for Small Space Offices,Easy to Assemble(Adjustable Height: 32in-47in)

  • 【Reversible table board】The table board can be adjusted in two directions at any angle of 270°, which can meet the different usage habits of different people. There is also an easily removable small baffle on the desktop to prevent books or laptops from sliding down. . Besides, the smooth and round corners can effectively prevent the dangers, creating the most comfortable office environment for you. (The desktop size is 16*24 inches)
  • 【Height adjustable desk】 The desktop can be adjusted in height (32-47 inches) steadily, and you can stay at the height you like at will. You can sit or stand, this laptop desk has an easy-to -grasp rotating handle which makes the height easy to adjust.
  • 【MOBILE ROLLING DESK】Enjoy smooth-gliding mobility with four 2-inch caster swivel wheels (2 locking). Simply screw wheels in for a portable workspace that stays put when you need it.
  • 【Sturdy & Stable】 The base of the desk is made of heavy-duty steel, and the middle of the two frames is equipped with a wooden reinforced table, which is durable and stable for a long time. Perfect for remote workers looking to stay active and productive from the home, or as an alternative to standard office and computer desks.
  • 【Customer Service】No matter what problems you encounter, we will do our best to solve your problems for you. Thank you for your support.

HUANUO Mobile Standing Desk Adjustable Height, Mobile Laptop Desk 27 inch, Standing Rolling Cart Desk with Gas Spring

  • Customizable Height For Each Need: The adjustment handle and powerful gas spring can quickly and easily adjust the standing laptop desk from 28 to 43 inches, custom fixed to your comfortable height, achieve a personalized office.
  • Switch Between Sit & Stand: The mobile standing desk allows you to easily change postures from sitting to standing which can positively impact physical to avoid discomfort caused by uncomfortable working postures, hence being more effective when facing your work.
  • Rollable Office Solutions: Included with 4 swivel wheels with each mobile laptop desk, meeting your needs for working anytime and anywhere. Two lockable wheels can fix the mobile laptop cart to prevent unwanted rolling. This smooth-rolling mobile podium is great for offices, classrooms, trade shows, and more.
  • High Performing & Quality Table: The mobile standing desk legs are made of thickened steel frames, which can support up to 55 pounds. The 27×19 inch desktop provides enough office space. The waterproof MDF material tabletop is durable and easy to clean.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: If you don't have enough space to place a traditional large-size desk, Huanuo's upgraded mobile standing desk small is your ideal space solution. Simple modern design, compact structure, flexible rolling let you enjoy the fun of the home office.
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