Cru International Chilean Malbec

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How To Choose The Best Malbec Wine

Malbec wines have been gaining popularity over the last few years due to their unique flavor profile. The grape variety has a distinctive aroma and taste that makes it stand apart from other varieties. This article will help you understand what makes Malbecs so special, as well as provide information on where to get the best Malbec wines available today.

What Are Malbec Wine?

Malbec wines are red wines made primarily from grapes grown in Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, and Uruguay. The name "malbec" comes from the French word for blackberry, and refers to the color of the grape skins. Malbecs tend to be dark colored due to the high amount of anthocyanins found in the skin of the grape. These compounds give the wine its deep purple hue. In addition to these pigments, malbecs contain more tannin than most other red wines. This gives the wine a rich flavor profile and long finish.

Where Does This Wine Come From?

The vineyards where malbec grapes grow are located in Mendoza Province in western Argentina. They produce some of the best quality malbecs in the world. The region has been producing wine since the 16th century, but only recently began exporting internationally. Today, there are over 100 wineries in the area, many of which make malbecs. Most of the grapes are planted at altitudes between 1, 500 and 2, 000 meters above sea level.

Who Needs Malbec Wine?

Malbec wines are becoming increasingly popular around the world. But did you know that this red grape variety was originally grown only in Argentina?

This makes sense since the region where the grapes were traditionally grown has been known for its rich soil and climate. These conditions would produce grapes with deep color and intense flavors. However, these characteristics aren't exclusive to Argentinean wines. Many other regions across the globe have similar growing conditions.

In fact, Malbecs are now being produced in France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, California, Washington State, Oregon, and Canada.

The popularity of Malbec wines has increased over time. Today, Malbec wines are considered to be one of the most versatile varieties. They offer a wide range of flavor profiles depending on how they're made. Some winemakers use traditional methods while others opt for modern techniques.

Regardless of which method they use, Malbec wines are typically aged in oak barrels. This allows the tannin compounds found in the wood to soften the acidity. As a result, Malbec wines tend to taste smoother and rounder.

Another reason why Malbec wines are so popular is due to their versatility. While some people prefer sweet Malbecs, others love spicy Malbecs. Still others favor fruity Malbecs. Whatever type of Malbec you prefer, you'll likely find it among our selection of Malbec wines.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Malbec Wine

Malbec wines have become increasingly popular in recent years. This trend began after the release of the movie "Sideways." While many people love Malbecs because they pair so well with food, others enjoy them simply because they taste great. Either way, if you want to purchase a quality Malbec wine, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Look for a bottle that is clear. Clear bottles are easier to see through and read the fine print. They also tend to hold up better when stored upright. When looking for a bottle of Malbec, try to find one that is between 12% and 14%. These percentages indicate how much alcohol is present in the wine. A lower percentage indicates less alcohol, and a higher percentage indicates more alcohol.

Try to find a bottle that is sealed. Sealed bottles prevent oxygen from entering the bottle, which prevents oxidation. Oxidation occurs when the wine turns brownish red. This color change makes the wine appear older than it really is.

Avoid buying cheap Malbecs. Cheap Malbecs may seem like a bargain, but they usually aren't worth the price tag.

If you're planning on drinking Malbecs regularly, buy several bottles at once. You won't regret it. Just make sure to drink them within 6 months of opening.

Features To Consider When Buying Malbec Wine

Malbec grapes. The grape variety used to produce most Malbec wines is called "Carménère, " named after the town where they were first grown in France. In fact, this particular grape was originally cultivated in the region of Bordeaux, France.

Vintage years. Most Malbecs are made using the same varietal grape, but each year produces its own unique flavor profile. This means that the vintage year determines how sweet or dry the wine will taste. Some Malbecs are more full bodied than others, while others are lighter and fruitier. Some are aged longer than others, resulting in richer flavors.

Wine regions. While there are many wineries producing Malbecs today, only certain areas of the world are known for their production of these wines.

Grape growing conditions. Each area has its own unique climate, soil, and farming practices. As such, Malbecs from different places may differ slightly in color, aroma, and flavor. However, they all share similar characteristics.

Production methods. Winemakers must follow strict guidelines when making Malbecs. They must harvest the grapes at just the right time, then carefully hand pick them. After picking, the grapes are immediately pressed and fermented. Then, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation process. Finally, the wine is bottled and stored until ready to drink.

Storage. Once bottled, Malbecs are typically kept in oak barrels for several months before being released into bottles. During this period, the wine is allowed to develop character and complexity. Many producers age their Malbecs for two years or more before releasing them.

Different Types Of Malbec Wine

Malbec wines are becoming increasingly popular due to their rich flavors and smooth finish. They are known for having fruity notes and soft tannin levels. Here we will look at three main varieties of Malbecs and what makes each one unique.

Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted variety of red grape in Argentina. It produces dark colored grapes that give off aromas of blackberry and cassis. Its flavor profile is full bodied with hints of chocolate and spice. Cabernet Sauvignons are well suited for aging and are commonly aged for 10 years or longer.

Merlot. Merlot is a varietal grown primarily in France and Italy. It was originally developed by crossing cabernet sauvignon with petit verdot. It is characterized by its deep purple color and medium body. It has a sweet aroma with hints of plum and cherry. Merlots are good for young drinkers and those seeking something light and refreshing.

Syrah. Syrah is a varietal grown in Australia and South Africa. It is known for producing bolder fruit flavors and darker colors. It is sometimes referred to as Shiraz. It is a powerful wine with strong tannic characteristics. It is best served chilled.


Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve Malbec Wine Recipe Kit Makes 6 Gallons

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Classic Chilean Malbec Wine Ingredient Kit

  • Classic Chilean Malbec Wine Ingredient Kit
  • Easy Drinking Wine Kit
  • Blackberry, black plum and spice
  • BODY: Medium-Full, OAK: Medium, SWEETNESS: Dry
  • Ready in 4 weeks

Reserve Argentine Malbec Wine Ingredient Kit

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Winexpert Classic Malbec Red Wine Making Kit

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  • Sweetness: 0 out of 10
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Malbec and More: A virtual wine tasting across Argentina

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Fontana Washington State Malbec Wine Home Brewing Kit | Wine Making Kit | 6 USG (23 L) Kit with Premium Ingredients

  • WASHINGTON MALBEC WINE KIT: Malbec may have a rather short history in Washington state, but recent vintages show this red grape, which originally comes from France's Bordeaux region, is establishing a record of excellence.
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  • Kit Volume: 10 L
  • Approximate Yield: 23 L
  • Ready to bottle in 6 weeks
  • ABV: 13.5%

VineCo Original Series Wine Making Kit - Chilean Malbec

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WINE KIT Chilean MALBEC Winexpert Classic Series 1.32L - Makes 1 Gallon Red Wine

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  • BODY: Medium-Full
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  • Each unit count: 1.0
  • Flavor name: Espresso,Cherry,Grape,Chocolate
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Craft A Brew - Malbec Making Home Kit - Easy Brew Beginners with Ingredients and Supplies Ultimate Wine Brewer Experience

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  • FRUITY MALBEC – Chilean Malbec is a thick skinned wine grape bursting with rich notes of blackberry, black plum and spice. This silky, full-bodied dark red wine balances a juicy fruit character with savory, earthy notes of red pepper, unsweetened chocolate & espresso.
  • HOMEBREWING INGREDIENTS – Enjoy a recipe involving high-quality yeast, additives, oak, and malbec fruit juice from some of the world’s most respected vineyards so you can enjoy delicious wine in the comfort of your own home
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