Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access, 4 Digital Rifle Gun safes for Home Rifle and Pistols, Shotguns, Long Gun, Firearm, INTERGREAT Electronic Rifle Storage Cabinet with Shelf Box, Key Lock - Matte Black

  • 【Digital Locking System】:A digital keypad of this 4 rifle safe lets you program electronic gun storage safe with your own passcode, and the included keys and a emergency battery case for manual locking and unlocking, keeping guns away from the kids.
  • 【Serious Security】: rifle cabinets is perfect for keeping long gun, shotguns, firearms, weapon. It also equipped with a removable shelf inside, offering you more storage space to store your valuables such as pistols,document, ammo,etc
  • 【Heavy-duty Frame】: INTERGREAT shot gun safe is made of premium steel construction and tamper-resistant inner edges, included 5 steel deadbolts to make you securely bolt it to the wall or floor, for home and pistol
  • 【Considerate Design】: Unlike other small 4-gun rifle safes on the market, the size of the our rifle safe cabinet has been upgraded. At the same time, we have also thoughtfully designed a removable shelf box for this rifle locker to ensure that you always have enough space to store larger size guns or guns with scopes. Padded interior floor to prevent scratches on rifle .
  • 【Customer Service & Guarantee】: Any quality of gun cabinets or operational problems, feel free to contact us, Our experienced customer service team will response in 24 hours and solve the problem as the way you want! ★★★New Updated Packaging and Size in 2021!★★★

How To Choose The Best 4 Gun Safe

A gun safe is a great investment for anyone who owns guns. They protect firearms from theft and keep them secure while they aren't being used. However, not everyone has room for a large safe in their house, and even those who have space may not want to invest in a big boxy safe. This article will help you decide whether a small, compact safe is the right choice for you.

What Are 4 Gun Safe?

A four gun safe is a type of firearm safe that has been specifically built for storing multiple firearms. These safes typically come in two varieties - hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided safes are made from steel and are generally more expensive than soft-sided safes. Soft-sided safes are much less expensive but tend to be flimsy and breakable. They are ideal if you want to protect only a few guns at any given time, but may not offer enough protection against intruders who know what they're doing.

Why Should I Buy 4 Gun Safe?

If you own multiple handguns, rifles, shotguns, and/or long guns, a four gun safe will allow you to safely store all of these weapons without having to worry about where each weapon is stored. This means that you don't need to worry about leaving your rifle in an unlocked closet while you go grocery shopping, or forgetting your shotgun in the car while you run errands. It also makes it easier to transport your weapons around town, since you won't have to carry several bags of ammunition along with your guns.

Who Needs 4 Gun Safe?

When it comes to protecting your family, nothing beats a gun safe. But how do you know which one is right for you?

There are several types of safes on the market today. Some are big enough to hold rifles, shotguns, handguns, and other long guns. Others are designed specifically for storing ammunition. Still others are built to store jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

The best type of gun safe depends on where you live and what kind of weapons you plan to protect. However, most safes are made to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

However, not every safe has these security measures. Many safes are sold under private label brands. These products lack the same quality and durability as name brand models.

That said, there are still advantages to buying a safe from a reputable manufacturer. Name brand safes are usually better constructed and tested. They offer superior protection against fire, water damage, and theft.

Additionally, name brand safes are backed by warranties. Most manufacturers guarantee their products for five years.

Still, there are drawbacks to purchasing a safe from a private label brand. Private labels are typically cheaper than name brand safes. They aren't covered by warranty.

Also, private label safes are sometimes difficult to identify. They look identical to name brand safes.

Finally, private label safes are often inferior to name brand safes. They don't last nearly as long.

To avoid getting stuck with an inferior product, shop around before choosing a safe. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Also, check online reviews.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality 4 Gun Safe

If you have guns in your house, then you should invest in a gun safe. A gun safe provides peace of mind by protecting your firearms from theft and accidental discharge. When buying a gun safe, you want to ensure that it meets certain requirements. Here are three things to keep in mind when selecting a gun safe:

Look for a gun safe that offers multiple levels of security. You'll find that most gun safes come equipped with two levels of security. Level 1 locks provide basic protection against burglary and fire. Level 2 locks add additional features such as fingerprint recognition technology and keypad entry systems. These features increase the level of safety even further.

Consider the size of your gun collection. Do you have a small collection? Then you might prefer a smaller model. On the other hand, if you have a large collection, you may want to opt for a larger model. This way, you won't have any trouble finding space for all of your weapons.

You'll also want to take into account how often you use your gun safe. For example, do you rarely carry your weapon outside of your home? Or do you frequently leave your firearm unattended? If so, then you'll probably need a model that allows for easy access.

A quality gun safe is designed to protect your firearms. Make sure that the gun safe you purchase is built to withstand the rigors of everyday life. After all, you wouldn't want to lose your prized possession because of a faulty lock or door latch.

Features To Consider When Buying 4 Gun Safe

Security features. The first step in protecting your valuables is to secure them properly. This means locking away your gun safe whenever you leave the house. But if you really want to protect your belongings, you'll want to invest in a security system that has additional safety measures built into it. These may include fingerprint scanners, panic buttons, motion sensors, and other types of alarms.

Fireproofing. Fireproofing is another important feature to consider when investing in a gun safe. Many fire codes now require gun safes to be fire resistant. Some models even have special fire ratings, such as NFPA rating.

Size. Most gun safes are large enough to hold several guns. However, they're usually big enough to store other items, including jewelry, documents, and cash. Consider how many guns you plan to store inside the safe. If you only intend to store handguns, then you probably don't need a huge safe. On the other hand, if you plan to store rifles and shotguns, you'll want something bigger.

Accessibility. While most gun safes are fairly simple to operate, there are some that have more complex controls. Make sure yours has these options available.

Keypad lock. Many keypad locks are easier to pick than traditional padlocks. That said, you still want to make sure you've got a strong lock. Look for a model with a combination dial instead of a keypad.

Locking mechanism. There are two main types of locking mechanisms used in gun safes: pin tumbler locks and electronic locks.

Pin tumbler locks work by using pins that slide through holes in the door frame. They tend to be less expensive, but they're easily picked. Electronic locks use a motorized bolt that slides along the length of the safe. They're harder to pick, but they're more expensive.

Different Types Of 4 Gun Safe

A gun safe is a device that keeps guns away from children and pets. A gun safe is also known as a lock box. There are two main types of gun safes; wall mounted and floor standing. Wall mounted safes are placed against a wall and are secured by screws. Floor standing safes are freestanding and are secured by locking mechanisms.

Gun Safes come in various sizes and shapes. They are manufactured in steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, and fiberglass. Steel safes are heavy and durable. Aluminum safes are lighter and less expensive than steel safes. Fiberglass safes are lightweight and inexpensive. Plastic safes are cheaper than metal safes but are flimsy and break easily. Wood safes are strong and long lasting but are also quite expensive.

There are four basic types of locks that can be used to secure a gun safe. These include keyed locks, combination locks, electronic locks, and biometrics. Keyed Locks. Keyed locks are simple and cheap. They consist of a small padlock and a key. Combination Locks. Combination locks are more complex than keyed locks. They use a series of numbers to open the safe. Electronic Locks. Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of operation.

The size of a gun safe depends upon its intended purpose. Smaller safes are good for storing handguns. Large safes are better suited for rifles and shotguns.


Secureit Agile 52 Gun Safe with (4) 6 Louver Storage Trays: Holds 6 Rifles and Includes CradleGrid Tech, A Heavy Duty Safe with Keypad Control, Stores Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols, Easy Assembly

  • ULTRALIGHT SAFE – The Agile 52 is strong and durable, yet lightweight so you can relocate around the house, or when you move.
  • MODULAR SAFE SYSTEM - The Agile 52 has pre-drilled holes to bolt down for security, or to add storage as your collection grows.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Comes standard with SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology for organized and adaptable storage. CradleGrid system allows adjustment on the fly to store any long gun; no tools necessary. There is no need to re-zero, it stores any style rifle with a scope attached.
  • STEEL LOUVERED PANEL - Heavy-duty steel safe with louvered back panel grid for straight-line access which allows you to reach each firearm without moving others. To top it all off the organizational awareness improves visual inventory. The Agile Model 52 is the ideal size for both home and office.

PRYMAX Biometric Gun Safe, Smart Handgun Safe with 4 Digits Code, Quick Fingerprint Access Gun Box with Auto-Open lid, 2 Pistol Capacity, Gun Cabinet for Home, Personal and Car Security

  • 【Sturdy Anti-theft Gun Safes】Are you looking for a gun safe that keeps your pistols from your children and prevents your gun from being taken away when left unattended? Prymax cases are your best choice. The system will automatically lock and send out an alarm sound if the alarm function, which improves security and saves you more time in case of danger, is triggered.
  • 【Three-way Biometric Quick Access】With advanced biometric technology, this gun safe can be opened quickly in 1 second through the fingerprint scan (Preserved fingerprint). It can store up to 28 fingerprints for your convenience. You can also set a 3-8 digits password for an easy opening. Besides, backup keys are available for you to gain access to your valuables if there is an emergency.
  • 【Humanized Design】This pistol safe comes with an interior light and backlit keypads. Backlit keypads help you enter the correct code. Interior light comes in handy when you need to quickly find your belongings in a dim environment. You are allowed to open the safety without disturbing others in mute mode. Protective foam lining well prevents your valuables from being scratched.
  • 【Motor Type Lock Control】Better than a traditional lock that makes a loud noise, the gun safe will automatically lock with very low noise. The automatic door opening mechanism is less time-consuming and more energy-saving with maximum protection for your safety.
  • 【Large Capacity】Exterior Dimensions: 3.15’’*12.6’’*10’’. Large enough to hold two pistols or your other valuable belongings. It only weighs 8.8 pounds, easy to carry on. You can put this gun safe in a drawer, trunk, car, or any other location where it is convenient for you to use it.

Upgraded Large 4 Rifles Safes Gun Safes for Rifles and Shotguns, Long Gun Safes for Home Rifle and Pistols, Quick Access Gun Safes & Cabinets with Removable Shelf for Handgun

  • ✦【Security&Durable】: Built from reinforced high-tensile steel, this rifle safe features ultimate strength and toughness that will keep your guns and valuables safely stored. Seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body equipped with 4 pieces of 1 inch solid live-locking bolts to provide enough security. It also features a prevents corrosion, black rocky finish for a durable, professional appearance, making it easy to incorporate into any interior space.
  • ✦【Password Keypad】:The password keyboard enables you to create your own 1-12 digit password combination to ensure easy access, 2 overlay keys and an additional emergency battery box provide a simulated backup option to prevent the embarrassing situation that you can’t open the gun safe if you forget the password occur
  • ✦【Easy Installation】:The gun safe has been assembled, just fix it where you want to place it, insert the battery and set the ID code.It has 10 Pre-punched mounting holes, 6 in the back and 4 at the bottom allow for easy attachment to the floor or wall (or both) with attached bolts
  • ✦【Large Storage】:Overall Dimensions: 55”H x 11.8”W x 11”D, with this super large storage space, the electric rifle gun safe can accommodate rifles, shotguns, firearms and other long guns w/without scopes. Small Box Size: 11.6"L x 6.8"D x 7.8"H. The shelf box inside great to store pistols, handguns, ammo, cash and other valuables in your home or office
  • ✦【GURANTEE Service】:We are committed to giving customers the best shopping experience, we have good after-sales and logistics services, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you and solve your problems as soon as possible

BILLCONCH Gun Safe, Biometric Pistol Safe with Display and Voice Prompt, Automatic Locking Tabs | Detachable Shelf and Foldable Gun Racks for Handgun Safe (1.4 Cubic Feet)

  • FOUR WAYS TO UNLOCK: QUICK ACCESS, this gun safe has FOUR WAYS TO UNLOCK, can be connected to the smart phone, fingerprint biometric unlock, password, keys. With voice navigation, not only safe, but also more convenient,quick access without key
  • VOICE FUNCTION: This gun safe with voice reminders and digital display screens, it is easier and more convenient for you to set up the safe or use it. If you don't like the voice mode, you can also set it to silent mode according to your needs
  • FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION: This gun safe uses high-quality fingerprint biometric technology,seconds fast recognition speed and record 40 sets of fingerprints. You can also connect smart phone ,gun safe can be unlocked by smart phone
  • LARGER STORAGE SPACE WITH GUN RACKS: This pistol safe has 1.4/0.9 cubic feet two sizes, 0.9 cubic feet is single layer, 1.4 cubic feet has a double-layered space, both two sizes the side of the safe has a detachable gun rack that can hang four pistols, gun rack save space
  • SAFETY HIBERNATION AND SILIENT MODE WITH USB CHARGE: The gun safe system will lock down for 3mins after 10 failed attempts of passwords of fingerprint. The safe can be switch to silent mode by the desire of the user too. Also the safe with USB charge, high quality battery, durable, can be unlocked long time after being fully charged, with low battery reminder

Biometric Gun Safe [High Capacity] Fingerprint Multi Gun Vault Lock Box Cabinet Case Handgun Ammo Firearm Safety Multiple Pistols Weapon Cache Arsenal [Fits 4 Pistols]

  • Safety is our #1 Priority - Every year hundreds of children got injured or worse due to firearms accidents at home. If you have young children who don’t understand the potential danger of firearms, you must keep them safely stored. Placing them in this Top Secure Safe is a responsible way to properly secure your small firearms at home or on the go. California DOJ Certified safes are perfect for minimalizing the risks for these accidents.
  • 3 Access Points & Fast Pop up - Top Secure Safes have 3 access points; biometric fingerprint, a backlit keypad, and manual keys. While keeping your personal belonging safe and secure, 3 different access points make it very convenient to pop up the safe silently and fast when you need them. It also comes with Builtin Interior Light to operate it in dark.
  • Anti-Theft Protection Heavy Duty - Firearm Top Secure Safe is for up to 4-5 handguns. Featured on safes includes a pry-resistant door, durable dual-layer steel housing, and a seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body for the ultimate prevention against break-ins. Pre-drilled holes and hardware included for floor-mounting.
  • High-Quality Sturdy Safe: This pistol safe features a built-in spring which built-in spring steel has longer elasticity, increases the space built in the safe, can store the space of two pistols, but also can quickly access, the door automatically pops up when your safe is unlocked for fast, quiet, and discreet entry.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We offer the highest quality, rugged steel safes. That's how we got the California Department of Justice approval. We offer 30 days money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty.

Greenvelly 4 Rifle Safe Gun Safes for Home Rifle and Pistols, Electronic Long Gun Safes & Cabinets for Rifles and Shotguns, Large Quick Access Rifle Gun Locker Storage with Shelves & key (Metal Steel)

  • ▲【High Security Design】: This large electronic gun rifle safe is made of solid steel with a pry-proof edge. It has 5 high quality locking bolts and a thicker steel door compared to other products. In addition, if the wrong password is entered more than 3 times, the alarm system will prompt "dong dong dong" and the red light will flash, which greatly protects your gun safety and prevents unauthorized access
  • ▲【Alarm-U Tamper Alert System】: Our quick access shotgun safe features Alarm-U, the tamper alarm that deters theft and keeps your family safe.If 3 wrong invalid code are made in succession this will cause the keypad to alarm for 49 seconds . The correct password can be used to eliminate the alarm.
  • ▲【Larger Storage Space】: Once you possess our keypad gun safe rifle with a removable shelf that you can place bullets, handguns etc. And you can move it to suit for your different size guns. Besides, the rack of gun cabinet will Increases the stability of your rifles, making it harder to topple and break
  • ▲【Rifle Safes for Home】: There are pre-punched mounting holes in the back and the bottom of gun security cabinet, which can be mounted to the wall or floor with bolts easily. If you still have problems about assembling, please contact us and we will provide you with video explanations and help you start your pleasant experience of steel rifle safe
  • ▲【Top-Ranking Service】: The Greenvelly electronic combination gun cabinet you ordered will be safely packaged and shipped within 24 hours. If there is a problem after receiving our rifle safety cabinet, such as damage or loss. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Center, we are happy to provide you with a replacement or a refund. So, don't hesitate to speed up the rush

4 Rifle Safe Quick Access Long Gun Safe Shotgun Rifle Cabinet for Pistol and Home, Metal Electronic Gun Locker with Digital Keypad and Removable Shelf for Handgun,Firearms, INTERGREAT

  • 【Heavier and Larger Rifle Safe】: Compared to similar electronic rifle safe on the market, our rifle safes are much heavier and larger. Interior Dimensions: 11.6”(L) x 6.8”(D) x 51.2”(H)(include top shelf 7.3"H). Deeper and larger enough for storing rifles or shotguns with or without scopes much easier. Heavy duty steel frame weight up to 99LB, provide long-lasting strength and use throughout the years
  • 【Programmable Digital Access】: gun cabinets with electronic keypad, select your own access codes and change them at will. added security and a lock-out mode that activates after three attempts of using the wrong codes. These important design elements help prevent intruders from accessing the contents of the shotgun safe while offering you peace of mind
  • 【Anti-pry Protection Design】: large rifle cabinet made of premium steel construction and tamper-resistant inner edges. Our rifle gun cabinet steel door thickness up to 2.6“. Built with 5 solid locking bolts, Tamper-resistant, pry-proof, offer physical protection from forced entry and secures firearms away from kids. A carpeted floor keeps your firearms protected from scratches and damage
  • 【Versatile Use】: large space of shotgun safe for holding rifles, firearms or other long gun. Our long rifle safes equipped with a removable shelf perfect for storing bullets, pistol ,handgun, money, jewelry and other valuables in your home or office. Mounting holes in the back allow for bolt it to the wall, floor or to hide it in compact areas such as cupboard or cabinet
  • 【Customer Service & Guarantee】: Any quality of INTERGREAT rifle gun locker or operational problems, feel free to contact us, Our experienced customer service team will response in 24 hours and solve the problem as the way you want! ★★★New Updated Packaging and Size in 2021!★★★

Adoreal Gun Safes for Pistols, Small Pistol Safe Handgun Portable Safe with 4 Digits Combination Lock for Gun Storage, Plastic Handgun Case for Car, Home, Travel

  • 【Easy to Use Plastic Gun Safe】 This pistol safe can be opened with a four-digit password or key. When using the product for the first time, set a four-digit password, and then you only need to enter the correct password to open the security box.
  • 【Suitable Size Handgun Safe】The space-saving design ensures maximum storage capacity. Sized 10"L x 7.1"W x 2"H, it can easily hold any of your pistols with enough room left over for two extra magazines. And because of its compactness, it is easy to hide in the luggage while traveling.
  • 【Protective Foam Pads】Lined with high-density memory foam - it includes two thick protective foam inserts to ensure security and protect your valuables from scratching or damage. If needed, these foams also can be removed for increased storage capacity.
  • 【Heavy Duty and Sturdy】The pistol safe are made of high-quality plastic, which makes the pistol safe easy to carry, and it is reasonably durable. Comes with a heavy steel cable, you can use it to fix gun safe to anywhere you want, to provide higher security.
  • 【Order with No Risk】Adoreal gun safes for pistols is backed by our manufacturer's 30-day money-back guarantee with a 1-year free replacement warranty. If you ever have a problem, just return it for a free replacement or a full refund, click Add to Cart now and try it 100% risk-free.

SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe for 4 Pistols Safe DOJ Certified with 3 Quick Access Handgun Safe,Digital Keypad Frosted Black Bedside Firearm Safety Car Safe Hardened Steel Lock Box

  • 【DOJ Certified, Not All Safe Can Pass】: The safety of users is our eternal pursuit. SOULYI gun safe meets the most rigid safety standards. All tests, picking or manipulating, forced removal inspection, tensile, shock, plug pulling, plug torque, sawing and drop, are approved by California Department of Justice. The DOJ certification tells you that it truly will protect you and your family all the time
  • 【Whole Body Pry-Resistant】: The lid edge slightly larger than the interior box edge, for overlapping perfectly without gap. Interior V-shaped plate of the box body bottom overlapping with lid completely prevents tool penetrating. It's impossible to pry open with hand tools and pistols. It provides secure storage for three standard handguns or one larger pistol and extra ammunition. It Keeps your guns in a reliable rapid pistol safe to prevent gun theft
  • 【Unbreakable Construction】: Besides the thickest solid steel material (box 1.5mm low carbon steel, door sheet 3mm), the rugged stamping surface enhanced toughness to fight most of violent attack or crowbar impact. The reinforcing steeling of the two sides of SOULYI handgun safe also makes the lockbox stronger. Loop the high strength steel security cable around a solid object to fix it. It is great safety assistant during your car travel
  • 【3 Quiet Ways and Quick Access】: Unlock the Swiss upgraded biometric gun safe by registered fingerprint within 0.1 seconds,100 fingerprints capacity. You can set a 3~8 digits password with an electronic keyboard. Separate switches for light OFF and sound OFF help to conceal in the dark to ensure your safety in danger and emergency, and to save power; two spare keys allow you to unlock the vehicle pistol safe traditionally
  • 【Hide Guns Anywhere】: The compact size makes SOULYI gun safe for pistol easy to place in a regular office, bedroom, basement, closet or under car seats, bedside, drawers, in spare tire wells, and other locations. It keeps your guns away from kids, easy to carry to protect your family and yourself anytime anywhere

Atripark Large Electronic Rifle Gun Quick Access 4-Gun Safe Cabinet for Standing Shotguns with Electronic Digital Lock

  • 【How Easy to Install】Atripark large rifle gun safe comes already assembled. 10 Pre-punched mounting holes, 6 in the back and 4 at the bottom allow for easy attachment to the floor or wall (or both) with attached bolts. All you need to do is just insert the batteries and set the Fingerprints
  • 【Re-programmable Digital Access】Our Digital Security Safe equipped with an electronic lock, with easy-to-follow instructions it can be easily programmed. For quick firearm access during emergencies, instantly unlock the safe with a reliable PIN code; Make sure keep emergency keys out of the safe in case the batteries dies.
  • 【Overall Dimensions】Larger and deeper long rifle security cabinet with movable shelf. Exterior Dimensions: 11.8”(W) x 11”(D) x 55”(H) ; Top compartment Dimensions: 11.6”(W) x 9.8” (H). The shelf can be removed if you do not want and also can store handgun, ammo and other things in your home or office.
  • 【Higher Level of Security】Our firearm storage cabinet is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction and a corrosion and stain resistant powder coat. With 5 steel active bolts, anti-pry bars, ruggedized exterior hinges and drill resistant hard plate to protect the lock body which helps prevent unauthorized entry or removal of your gun safe.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】Upgraded package to avoid damages during shipment. Our professional customer service team will address your any concerns within 24 hours. Don't wait any longer, Join Atripark’s thousands of customer groups, click the "Add to Cart" button now!

Webetop Gun Safe, Biometric Handgun Safe for Pistols Firearm Safety Device Case with Fingerprint Lock or Key Pad Access for Home Personal Safe Large Capacity for 4 Pistols

  • Smart Safe Gun Storage: If you have young children who don't understand the potential danger of guns or want to keep your guns unaccessible while unsupervised, This fingerprint gun safe for handgun will be a good choice for you. Also, blue interior lighting inside small bedside gun safe for pistol allows for clear vision in any environment; the interior is padded with soft foam to prevent scratches
  • 3 Ways Quick Access & Mute Mode: Three ways access with the Biometric fingerprint & 4-8 Keypad & Manual keys, can hold 32 fingerprints. Powered by 4 AA 1.5V batteries ( batteries not included), emergency usb-c charging port ( usb-c cable is included ) can save you from dead batteries; Mute mode and backlight keypad are ideal for bedside firearm pistol safe for handguns
  • Heavy-duty Construction & Dual Safety Protection: Our pistol safe box is made of fireproof and tamper-proof material that will keep your handguns and valuables safely stored. No extra welding, the whole biometric pistol safe adopts high-pressure die casting that is more durable and impact resistible. The handgun safe for nightstand also come with 2 screws and high strength security cable, the anti-impact latch adds to maximum prevention against break-ins, ensuring long lasting safety protection
  • Advanced Fingerprint Technolog & Alarm Mode: 360° fingerprint recongnition, quickly unlock the gun safe for pistols from different direction within 0.5 seconds, 32 fingerprints capacity. If an incorrect password is entered 5 times, incorrect fingerprint is scanned 10 times consecutively, the alarm will be trigged which means entry alarm mode, the device will lock for 3 minutes
  • Large Capacity & Store Anywhere: Exterior dimension: 14.2" * 11" * 3.9", interior dimension: 14.1"* 9.3"*3.7", there's enough space in fingerprint gun safe for handgun to store 4 pistols, some magnizines, passport, cash, IC card, and etc. The portable pistol safe for handguns is designed for storage in homes, both big and small, in places like drawers, cabinets, bedside tables, suitcases, cars and more

XDeer S006 Biometric Gun Safes for Pistols, 4 Pistols High-Capacity Handgun Safe, Quick Access Pistol Safe with Upgraded Fingerprint and Backlit Digital Keypad for Home Car Nightstand

  • 🥇【High Capacity and Advanced Internal Design】The high-capacity pistol safe has an advanced 4 pistols foam rack. Durable soft foam racks prevent handguns from bumping into each other, allowing for better transportation and storage. Pistols in a quick pull position, and you can draw pistols properly when in danger. Also, remove the foam rack, huge interior space can store lots of weapons and valuables
  • 🥇【Special Fingerprint Scan and 3 Ways for Quick Access】The biggest trait is that the fingerprint needs to scan 6 times when setting, which makes the identification more accurate and allows fast reading within 0.5seconds. Backlit digital keypad makes it clear to use in the dark and its Pin code can set 3-8 digits for access by users. And we have keys for emergency use
  • 🥇【Tough and Anti-theft】The shell is made of 14-gauge solid steel and provides long lasting strength and use for years to come. Features on the handgun safe includes dual anti-impact latches, durable double layer steel housing and seamlessly welded pry proof steel body for the ultimate prevention against breaking in. The hard steel cable which maximum withstands 841.99 lbf can fix the safe to ensure security
  • 🥇【USB Emergency Port, Slient Mode and LED Light】In case batteries suddenly runs out, we add USB emergency port, our handgun safe can be used without batteries. We also have the function of muting the gun safe. It is the important function when you want to use the safe without disturbing others. And the interior LED light in the safe will give you a clearer view when you open it
  • 🥇【Good After-sales Service and 2 Years Warranty】We are committed to providing customers with 2-years warranty service for all of our gun safe series, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us, and we will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible. Exterior Dimensions: 12.69"x11.87"x6.69". Interior Dimension: 11.56"x9.43"x6.12"

Gun Safe for 4 Handguns, ShieldSafe Biometric Pistol Safe Unlock with Fingerprint -Digit -Key, Handgun Safe for Gun Storage

  • ADVANCED BIOMETRIC & PORTABLE:The intelligent voice system can guide you to complete the password setting within 1 minute, you don't have to worry about the complexity and boredom of the password setting process. The portability of the gun safe allows you to take it to the car or keep it beside you when you go out, fully protecting the personal safety of you and your family.
  • QUICK ACCESS:Time is life for people who need quick access to their guns, so the unlocking response of the pistol safe must be fast and accurate. Our ShieldSafe's 0.5 seconds quick fingerprint response unlocking allows you to quickly arm yourself in special situations.
  • STRONG INSURANCE DESIGN:3 unlocking methods----fingerprint, password and key, 3 insurances to ensure that you can open the handgun safe to get your weapon under any circumstances. In addition, 6 digital passwords forming 46656 password combinations make it impossible for others who want to get your password.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE & DURABLE:This biometric gun safe is made of solid steel and weighs 13 pounds, the stamped surface enhances its resistance to attack, and the reinforced latches on the sides make the gun lock box so strong that neither a crowbar nor a hammer can easily open the gun safe.
  • HIGH CAPACITY:The dimension of our fingerprint gun safe is 14.5"x10.6"x3.5", its large capacity makes it can hold up to 4 pistols. The built-in LED light allows you to easily access to your pistol at night, and internal all-round anti-scratch sponge pad protects your guns and valuables from scratching.
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